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Ende [Black Metal]

In 2008, the first songs of Ende were recorded but never released. Nowadays, this recording « The God’s Rejects » will be available via Cold Dark Matter Records in special limited on tape format…Based in France, ENDE is the project… Weiterlesen →

Govor – Lucifer Project

This is the first elaborate interpretation of Satan. In difference to theological and archetypical, this is a materialist interpretation. Lucifer is a fire god, and the origin of human sacrifice (burnt offering to God) is in the slash-and-burn agriculture from the… Weiterlesen →

Shroud Of Bereavement [Soloprojekt]

Shroud of Bereavement was formed in 1996 by Dan Robinson as a solo project out of the ashes of Mourndrear (featuring former members of December Wolves). After spending five years writing and recording various demos, Robinson met co- producer Matthew… Weiterlesen →

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