Airged L amh – Interview

Airged L amh

HellNoise – Who are the members of the band and what instrument does each of them play?
George : The current line-up of the band is : Steve
Venardo – Vocals , Alexander Vasilopoulos – Guitars ,
George Sofikitis – Guitars , John Luna Tsimas – Bass
, George Thanasopoulos – Drums. This line up is the one that entered the studio and recorder our new album “The Silver Arm”

HellNoise – How did the band form?
George : It was formed from Alexander the guitarist and John Georgopoulos (former vocalist) in 1994 and through several changes in the line up and a change in the name we managed to record the first demo in 1996.It was formed as a school band originally , and then moved on to be something more than that.

HellNoise – How would you describe your music style?
George : Well , that’s not easy at all… We combine a lot of elements from folk , epic ,thrash , speed and power on a metal basis , so I don’t exactly know what’s the exact word for it…I’d say if I wanted to put a tab on it that is power/epic metal with lots of folk elements.

HellNoise – Which bands are your paragons?
George : Interesting. I’d say we like bands mainly from the 80’s coming from the epic side of metal , and some heavy bands. But Judas Priest , Iron Maiden , Manowar , Cruachan is some of our favourites.

HellNoise – Do you follow these bands? / Do you copy these bands?
George : I wouldn’t say we copy these bands…We just let our influences combine with our creation of music and this gives you the final result…

HellNoise – How do your songs come into excistence?
George : It’s all five of us writing and bringing ideas to the table..We discuss them put them in an order,record them in a draft mode and then rehearse it till it sounds right..It’s not that simple , but we are having a very good time while writing.

HellNoise – What about gigs? Do you have many gigs?
George : Yes we do , coz we’ve been for quite a while as a band.

HellNoise – Are they well attended?
George : As I mentioned above we’ve been around for quite a while and we do have our followers , and people who believe in us . Though , we are trying every time to bring something new to our performances.

HellNoise – Are the people content with your live-Performance?
George : If I can tell from the attendance and the reaction of the crowd in our appearances , yes people are happy with the way the band is playing.

HellNoise – How is the reaction of the people refered to your music style? Any criticism?
George : There is always going to be criticism.It is impossible to please every metal fan..We just try to do our best from our part (compositions,production, live performances) and hope that people will appreciate that. As for the reaction of the people , they all refer to the aggression that our music produces , and the epic style of it.

HellNoise – Why do you make music? (mission, passion, expression, hobby)
George : Well I guess for a bit of all these things. It all started as a hobby , became a passsion ,a way to express ourselves without the one cancelling the others.And we all still love what we do…

HellNoise – Let’s talk about your albums. / Tell us something about your albums?
George : Our new album “The Silver Arm” has just been released through Black Lotus Records.It contains over an hour of music and is a concept story based on an ancient Celtic legend for the domination of Ireland.We also have another record called “One- Eyed God” which is a re-release of our demo containing promo recordings of two new songs.

HellNoise – What about the future of the band. Have you got some plans or do you just wait and see?
George : At this time we are looking forward to play live and promote our new album as much as we can.We are going to support HELSTAR in their mini tour in Greece , and expect to play more shows towards the Christmas and New Year..At mid 2005 we are planning to start writing songs for our new album.

HellNoise – Is there anything you want to tell the people out there? Like a final say?
George : Stay Metal and support the underground.That’s where we all came from.

HellNoise – Thank you for this interview.

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