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Fungiod Stream

HellNoise – Who are the members of the band and what instrument does each of them play?
Our band is formed by two members: me, Simon O., and Joseph C. In fact, Joseph C. was the founder member. He had already composed all the songs at the moment he ask me to join
him in his undimensional journey. Consequently, I’ve only played the rol of the vocalist. All the other instruments that you’ve heard in “Celaenus Fragment” were played by Joseph C.

HellNoise – How did the band form?
By middle 2003, Joseph C. decided to mix his –actually, our– passion for H.P. Lovecraft’s literature with his musical interests. He listens most of the metal genres and ambient, but he chose funeral doom as the most adequate to wed with HPL’s poetry. Then ask me to play the vocals, as he considered himself unskilled for that rol.

HellNoise – How would you describe your music style?
It is funeral doom, but some melodies and instrumentations gave it the adjective“atmospheric”.

HellNoise – Which bands are your paragons?
For me, Simon O., Skepticism and Thergothon. And of course there is a lot of emerging and not so emerging doom bands that I really like. Added by Joseph C: “Until Death Overtakes Me, Dolorian, Bethlehem, Skepticism, Endura, Esoteric, Evoken.”

HellNoise – Do you follow these bands? / Do you copy these bands?
Written by Joseph C.: ”How can we distinguish between “copy” and “follow” if the music is well done? Your question is very deep and also there is a deep abyss between those two terms. I’m not an english speaker, as you can see, but I do my best to express it in words: I’m sure that all well intentioned, goodhearted artists try to follow their paragons. And sometimes, in the effort to copy them, they achieve more finished and greater masterpieces than their teachers. I’m not even suggesting that Fungoid Stream did that, but my –our– spirit is oriented towards that ways. Even though we never reach the following step, we still love art, we still love doom.”

HellNoise – How do your songs come into existence?
Joseph C. wrote most of the material before he asked me to join Fungoid Stream. I’ve added some small arranges during the recording. Added by Joseph C.: “Not so small. I’ve composed all the songs in my house, inspired by my readings and listenings, but I’ve realized that I won’t be able to finish my work by myself. Another point of view is always necessary to see certain hidden mistakes.”

HellNoise – What about gigs? Do you have many gigs?
Well. That’s a point. I’ve never (Simon O.) performed a gig before; just a few rehearsals with old times friends. But, on the other hand, I cannot imagine Joseph C. in a stage. Not even in the middle of a roaring crowd. He is a kind of one hundred years old hermit.

HellNoise – How is the reaction of the people refered to your music style? Any criticism?
We are very happy with the reaction of the people, here and worldwide. The Fungoid Stream’s work has been mentioned as „very climatic and atmospheric“ and some local funeral doom listeners have declared themselves as „very well surprised“ when they discovered a funeral doom band in his own land.

HellNoise – Why do you make music? (mission, passion, expression, hobby)
Written by Joseph C.: “As Simon has kindly called me „a one hundred years old hermit“, my only way of expression is the art. I mean, I live for the art in general. I’ve been blessed with the gift of having a small but true artistic drive. So, art is my life and it will probably be my death too.

HellNoise – Let’s talk about your albums. / Tell us something about your albums?
„Fragments” is a full length inspired by the dark listening of the most funeral bands ever, but the result was a mix between less soul-devastating notes and a horror funeral stroke. It came up to our mind without a route, but certainly with an objective. In some places, “Celaenus Fragments” has been compared with the work of Until Death Overtakes Me.

HellNoise – What about the future of the band. Have you got some plans or do you just wait and see?
Simon O.: I’m just realizing that I came my dream true, about releasing a doom metal piece. But Joseph C. is now pondering new worlds to discover with Fungoid Stream. On the other hand, I know he has already composed a complete full length piece of a ethereal, cosmic but dark keyboard music.

HellNoise – Is there anything you want to tell the people out there? Like a final say?
As composers, we are nothing without you, the listeners, so every note we wrote was headed to your artistic sensibility.

HellNoise – Thank you for this interview.
Words are not enough to express our gratefulness to your job. We heartly thank you.

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