HateSphere – Interview


HellNoise – Who are the members of the band and what instrument does each of them play?
Jacob Bredahl, Vocals
Peter Lyse Hansen, Guitar
Henrik Bastrup Jacobsen, Guitar
Mikael Ehlert Hansen, Bass
Anders Gyldenøhr, Drums

HellNoise – How did the band form?
We formed all the way back in ´93 under the name Necrosis. We were just some friends liking death metal and started playing cover tracks of Slayer, Entombed and Sepultura. We started making our own music (crap to begin with….), made three demos and changed the line-up before we got our record deal in 2000. We then changed the name to HateSphere and have until now released three albums on Scarlet Records from Italy. Here this February we will enter the studio and record our next full length album due to be out in May/June 2004!

HellNoise – How would you describe your music style?
Death thrash metal with a melodic edge and a hellish groove….

HellNoise – Which bands are your paragons?
Well, alot…. I have got many favorite bands, almost to many to count….. for example: Nevermore, Anathema, Anthrax, Dream Theater, In Flames, Hypocrisy, Obituary, Darkane, Type O Negative, Fear Factory, Slayer, The Haunted, Testament, Napalm Death, Invocator….. and the list continues……

HellNoise – Do you follow these bands? / Do you copy these bands?
No!!!!! Why should we?? I think, we are busy making our own music but of course we are inspired of the music we listen to… but copy, never!

HellNoise – How do your songs come into excistence?
Mostly I have got a riff, either in the head or on the guitar, and then I take it to the rehearsal room and tell everyone that if they don´t do what I tell them to, I will kill them…. and then everything turns out well, he he

HellNoise – What about gigs? Do you have many gigs?
Yeah, last year we played 60 gigs, so we can´t complain. This year we also have a lot planned, and due to the fact that we have a new album coming out, we have to play alot! Until now we have already been confirmed for Party-San and Summer Breeze Open Air, and hopefully many more will follow……

HellNoise – Are they well attended?
Our gigs mostly are well attended yes but it also depends on the promotion done for the show.

HellNoise – Are the people content with your live-Performance?
People is impressed (mostly he he), so we are happy. When we play we go nuts, and the people likes that, so what can go wrong?

HellNoise – How is the reaction of the people refered to your music style? Any criticism?
Both yes and no… but mostly people think we are very good. The critics can´t take the fact that we kick ass on some of their Swedish favourites but that´s their problem. If people don´t like us they usually say that we are just copies of Swedish bands but that´s simply not true, so fuck them!!! I think there is room for both HateSphere and everyone else…..

HellNoise – Why do you make music? (mission, passion, expression, hobby)
Passion and pleasure, I think!!!!!

HellNoise – Let’s talk about your albums. / Tell us something about your albums?
Our debut album “HateSphere” was melodic death metal with a hint of thrash. We had a very heavy sound and groove. On our second album “Bloodred Hatred” we increased the speed and moved more into the thrash area but still keeping the melodies and the groove… our debut album was great but on “Bloodred Hatred” we were simply just better. Just recently we have released a mini-album “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something black” containing one new track, two killer cover track (Ozzy and Anthrax) and four live songs. The new track is very much HateSphere and sets the path for our upcoming full length…. check it out now!

HellNoise – What about the future of the band. Have you got some plans or do you just wait and see?
We will record our new album in February and then play alot of gigs and tour as much as we can do……. and as I have told you we will play some summer festivals

HellNoise – Is there anything you want to tell the people out there? Like a final say?
Thanks for the support for HateSphere and metal in general… keep up the good work!! Hope to see you this year on the road, we will look forward to that. Remember our upcoming album due to be out in May/June 2004 and until then take a listen to our mini-album….
Hell is here – HateSphere

HellNoise – Thank you for this interview.

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