RedNucleus – Interview


HellNoise – Who are the members of the band and what instrument does each of them play?
Currently it’s still in project form with myself (Chriss Ons) doing all the music basically, and Santiago Janssens as vocalist.

HellNoise – How did the band form?
Santiago and myself were in the band Renaissance back in the early/mid 90’s. You can read more about that band on and download sound clips too.

HellNoise – How would you describe your music style?
Early on with Renaissance it was pretty much symphonic death/doom, at least that’s how people would label it back then. These days I’d say it just progressive metal/rock. Not necessarily as in ‚progrock‘ or ‚progressive metal‘, which are pretty much confined styles with clear examples of bands. With the term progressive I mean you can take it in different directions. Most of it is pretty guitar-oriented, but there’s various influences in it.

HellNoise – Which bands are your paragons?
If have a pretty broad taste in music, from different metal styles over rock and 70’s stuff, to classical and jazz. Any music that stands out, really. As for the heavier stuff, some of my fave band are early Black Sabbath, VoiVod, just to name a few. But there have been many bands and musicians that somehow had an impact on me.

HellNoise – Do you follow these bands? / Do you copy these bands?
We basically try not to copy anyone, I know a lot of people say that and it’s a corny answer, but we’re really who we are in terms of musical direction. That’s the way it should be, otherwise you might just as well join a coverband -not that I have anything agains those – but I’d prefer to try and come up with the type of stuff I like to hear and which noone else is doing, you know ? That’s the only way to really put your soul in it as a musician/band.

HellNoise – How do your songs come into excistence?
If I knew the answer to that, I’d write a LOT more :) Inspiration just happens, often while you’re not even holding an instrument.

HellNoise – What about gigs? Do you have many gigs? Are they well attended?
Are the people content with your live-Performance? Santiago and myself are planning to get a lineup together so we can play live with RedNucleus later this year, by the time we’ve published enough material through … We know some people, like ex-members, who would gladly like to help out on stage. We’ll just have to wait and see how thing take shape with that, we’re currently focusing on writing and recording material. It shouldn’t take too long before we can hit the stage, though.

HellNoise – How is the reaction of the people refered to your music style? Any criticism?
Oh, we basically had some pretty good reviews with Renaissance. Not that we care much about reviews. You know what they say about opinions : they’re like assholes – everybody has one ;)

HellNoise – Why do you make music? (mission, passion, expression, hobby)
I can only speak for myself here, but it is a means to create your own little world, and that’s important. I think it’s no different for people who paint or write. Except, if I had to choose between going blind or deaf, I’d rather go blind, you know ? Music matters a great deal to me.

HellNoise – Let’s talk about your albums. / Tell us something about your albums?
Actually, we only released one CD „The Death of Art“ on LSP ( which was way back in ’94 with Renaissance. We’re currently not really looking to get a deal, we’ll just distribute our music for free through the website

HellNoise – What about the future of the band. Have you got some plans or do you just wait and see?
Just keep on keeping on, you know ? Without any compromise, because we’re not ambitious in terms of reaching a large audience, and I think our music reflects that. It’s just us, and we’re not about being this year’s fad, either…

HellNoise – Is there anything you want to tell the people out there? Like a final say?
Feel free to visit the websites of Renaissance and RedNucleus. :
If you want to talk that’s cool, we usually respond to the mails we get.

HellNoise – Thank you for this interview.
Hey, thank *you* for showing interest in what we do.

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