Skull Fucked Productions – Sampler

Cynical Bastard

1. Pure Hate
2. Find The Truth
3. I Play God
4. Feast Of Gore
5. Death Is The Only Way

6. More More Gore
7. Eatmealive.Com
8. Extreme Unction
9. Cum Eating Bitches From Outer Space
10. Oppressive Minority
11. Like A Worm
12. Chainsawdomy
13. A Hacked Cunt For Lunch
14. Swallow Shit

Gastrick Burst
15. Bien Gras
16. Jarret Dance Style
17. Evil Mamies
18. Yogurt Attack
19. Patrick Burst
20. Mutinerie Au Bureau
21. Putain De Prince Charmant
22. Rexona Man

Skull Fucked Productions is a small French extreme Metal label and webzine, also familiar from the Skull Fucked festivals in Strasbourg and Molodoï, France. They bring us a 3 way split CD featuring German’s Cynical Bastard and two French bands, Unformed and Gastrick Burst.

All three bands play a similar kind of music, best described as a straight-to-the-face Brutal Death Metal along the lines of Six Feet Under, Cannibal Corpse, Gorerotted and others. Typical Death Metal the gory way. When I say similar, I mean they sound basically the same. The only clear line which divides the bands is the production quality where the order would be Gastrick Burst, Cynical Bastard and in last place Unformed.

That doesn’t mean this could not be a good old-fashioned Death Metal release. Alas, it is not. There isn’t anything specifically wrong about this record, it just does not satisfy the average veteran Death Metal head. What Brutal Junkies lacks most are memorable moments, which makes a record to be played repeatedly. The most credit goes out to Gastrick Burst who are trying to shine in their own right, making them sound somewhat more original than Cynical Bastard or Unformed.

If you’re looking for a record where you can enjoy the technical side of Death Metal, you probably won’t find anything interesting on Brutal Junkies as there’s hardly no lead guitar to speak of. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a 58 minute bang-your-head record with some good riffs and solid drumming, you may want to pick up this release.

Personal highlights:
Cynical Bastard – Pure Hate
Unformed – Eatmealive.Com
Gastrick Burst – Bien Gras instead of Bin

6/10 Points – reviewed by Lyra

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