Insision – Beneath the Folds of Flesh

Simply put: this is my favourite death metal band. Insision comes from Sweden and plays US-style death metal in the tradition of Suffocation, Disgorge, and Deeds of Flesh. With but one difference: Insision does it better than those bands mentioned!! Why? Because singer Carl Birath and co. combine good songwriting with sufficient brutallity and intelligent lyrics. Normally I don’t give a flying fuck about lyrics but it’s really worth it to give some thought to them on this album. The song ‚Trapped Within‘, for example, goes about a man who ’sees‘ things but the doctors don’t take him serious. They say he’s insane and the man commits suicide in the end. Or the even cooler lyrics of the song ‚Ex Oblivione‘ where someone goes searching for Eden but only finds an empty void where his soul is drained by Chtulu. If you follow the songs with the booklet in hand, it really adds to the excitement.

But even if you don’t care about the lyrics, ‚Beneath the Folds of Flesh‘ is worth your notice. The before mentioned Carl Birath has a very pleasant grunt, somewhat different than you where used to. He’s definetly one of my favourite grunters. The guitars and drums also have their own ‚hooks‘ and it is safe for me to say that Insision has it’s own face (unlike the many clones on this planet). Nine pearls on this album, all songs are good!!! And opener ‚World Impaled‘ is amongst the best metal songs in the world. What else can I say but: BUY this masterpiece!!!

Next month (July 2004), they’ll bring out their new CD ‚Revealed and Worshipped‘. They’re currently touring through Europe. Don’t miss them like I did (thx to the fukking Dutch railway company. Train was FOURTY minutes late!!!).


9/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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