Internecine – The Book of Lambs

This CD is a solo project from the bass player from death metalband Hate Eternal. This band, as many people (have to) know, was started by former Morbid Angel member Erik Rutan. None the less, Jared Anderson is the man we’re talking about here, and he plays both guitar and bass. He also is the singer of this record, and he’s okay I guess. He sounds a bit like Steve Tucker (you never guess from which band that guy is…). Having a tie with Morbid Angel, it was to be expected that Internecine sounds a lot like Morbid Angel, but Internecine is way more agressive. Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal) and Tony Laureno (Nile) take the drum stool and these guys are REALLY FAST!! A song like ‚Calling the Hordes‘ can easily be called freaky and extreme. The lyrics are dealing about the same subjects as Morbid Angel does: strange gods are worshipped and told to destroy ‚the weak human race‘. With this lyrics, you can easily give this CD as a present to your grandma. She will love it……..

*evil grin*

Now I told you guys how the music was, but I haven’t given my opinion yet. The music is furious and insane, and I like that. The problem with such a thing is usually that all songs look like eachother. That’s also a bit the case here, but it’s not as bad as with -say- Disgorge (USA).

I don’t really care about that, but others might find this very annoying. The production is okay, nothing wrong with it. The CD has a running time of 33 minutes which isn’t much, but it’s a problem a lot of death metalbands associate with. I think if you like fast music and don’t care that Internecine is a mere copy of Morbid Angel (on a lot of dope), I can recommend this CD to you.


8/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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