Metal Tank Records re-releases Panikks Unbearable Conditions

Metal Tank Records re-released the long-time sold out album from one of the major Slovenian thrash metal acts; PANIKK, entitled UNBEARABLE CONDITIONS. The second edition features alternative packaging and advanced track-listing.

Mastermind „Gapa Flere“ comments: Expect nothing but sick untamed … READ MORE

Stras X Ser – Crowdkillcity

Band: Stras X Ser
Title: Crowdkillcity
Year: 2013
From: Germany
Genre: Hardcore/Sludge

Stras X Ser - Crowdkillcity


1. Welcome To Crowdkillcity
2. Monday Crowdkill
3. Warzone
4. hate.curse.starve
5. Facebreaker

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