Soulless [BrutalDeath]

SOULLESS was formed in Chorzów in 2001 by Dariusz Swiatek. In first days of existing the band consisted of five people: Darek – guitars, Oley – guitars, Seba – vocal, Michal – bass, and Mirek – drums. In this line-up Soulless played only one concert (27th of April 2001 in Swietochlowice). Since that time there were many changes in the band, during few months many people left and joined the band. In fact, in November 2001 only two people Darek & Michal were still working with Soulless. In this line-up the band recorded „Demo 2001“. After this a new guitar player Borys joined the pack, he was also helping in recordings of „Demo 2002“. For a long time Soulless were searching for the drummer. And finally in June 2002 new drummer Tomek started to play. In this line-up the band was working on their next material. In September 2002 Soulless started to play concerts and shared a stage with such underground bands as: Retribution, Whorehouse, Isolated, Horrorscope, Putridity, Bottom, Ravished Flesh, Eclypse, Deception, Cortage, Bestiophile, Pro-creation, Deneb, Vomigod, Ebola, Storcing, Thorn.S, Crucifire Moon, Masse Mord, Infatuation of Death, Actum Nocturnum and many more. In February 2003 Borys was kicked out from Soulless. For a long time the band was playing as a trio, but also started searching for a second guitar player. In the end of October 2003 Filip joined Soulless. Back then Soulless consisted of four people: Daro – lead & rhythm guitar/ vocals, Filip – rhythm guitar, Michal – bass and Tomek – drums. 24th of December 2003 was a release date of split-CDR of three bands, and SOULLESS shares a platter with another Polish band Extremely Rotten Flesh and Life Denial from Ukraine. After gig in Chorzow in „Rampa“ 21.02.2004 (SOULLESS was playing with Eclypse) we say thanks to our drummer Tomek. On his place in July 2004 we found Paweł… We recorded „PERI PSYCHES“ during September. New material is far more brutal, intense and technical. New lyrics are about mental and moral aspects of human religion and occultism. „PERI PSYCHES” is the first stuff recorded in „full crew“ with alive drummer.

Now SOULLESS is open for all co-operation like gigs organising (cash for the transprt is welcomed), labels, zines. Next recoring is planned on February 2005…

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