Twelve Gauge [Death/Speed]

Twelve Gauge formed out of the ashes of a band called Warhead that became defunct in the early  90’s. Warhead played speed/death metal and had started in 1989 with the same 3 members that eventually reformed as Twelve Gauge in June 2001. The band members hadn’t even played together since 1994. The only thing about this line up that was different was that Nick Warhead, formerly the guitarist of Warhead, after feeling a bit burned out by the same pseudo-slayer grinding in E, decided to pick up the bass guitar. At the same time Eric Lofquist, once the bass player of Warhead had come to the conclusion that bass just wasn’t his bag, picked up a guitar. Although Nick and Eric had been jamming off and on together since 1995, and did the Warhead 2000 project (Nick this time on Drums, just another instrument he plays) in 1999, Dan just got back into drumming again in 2000 and was in the process of looking for a band. The idea was thrown around for sort of a “warhead” reunion. The first jam was in June 2001, and even though it didn’t exactly sound like the old Warhead, it was something definitely new and original.

With Eric Lofquist taking over guitar duties, it lent for a more creative mood to the songs then the previous Warhead material, concentrating on being creative with fewer parts, instead of playing everything a million miles an hour. Not that they aren’t fast. It’s just not the whole point of the music. The songs have taken on kind of a “Punk-like” attack with an odd flavoring of old school “NWOBHM” metal, then sometimes shifting to a death/speed metal type of sound.

Nick Warhead, at first had a difficult time coming to grips with a new instrument, plus barely using his voice in 5 years. It took awhile to get in the groove and feel comfortable, but has now is concentrating on tasteful bass runs, all while spewing forth a maniacal dose of socio-political lyrics which he pens. It’s just the things that piss them off.

Dan Kobilka has been playing drums since the early 80’s, starting with rudiments and jazz band in school and got into punk/metal back in the middle 80’s. Practicing along with the likes of Slayer & DRI helped him form his amazing chops. Single stroke rolls & double bass are standard issue in the Twelve-Gauge sound, but the parts aren’t just all speed, with many creative structured parts developing in the music.

The band released their debut CD „Violent New World“ in June 2002, along with some headlining shows in support. The band are also working on a follow up to „Violent New World“ for release sometime in 2003. Keep a look out for the band’s events coming soon…..

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