Hordak [PaganMetal]

Hordak was born in 2002, when Winter and Autum started to play and together. Then, some riffs and ideas were turned into songs.

In April, 2003, they recorded their first and only demo. It was recorded in a llitle studio whose ownership was his first guitar´s teacher.

Meanwhile, Hordak kept on working and creating songs.

Some time after, „Miguel“, an old friend of the band, joint the Pagan Order. He took charge of the bass guitar.

They three started to play together to perfect the songs for the recording of their first album, „War Has Just Begun“, seven song, three of them included on their first demo too, but they were re-recorded. The album was self-produced and self-financed and was recorded in only two autum´s night.

Hordak keep on making songs and drinking beer, „and this story shall also be told…“

official Website: http://www.paganhordak.com

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