Gorezone [DeathMetal]

Gorezone play Death Metal. Sick, brutal, grinding! And now it is time: the first record is out! “Erase the scum“ kicks ass. Eight high-speed-grenades with guttural grunts, blastbeats an some hardcoreriffing. Cool songtitles such as Anal Service,MurderDeathKill and Spasmodical Hacksaw Movements. It was recorded in late 2001 in the Soundlodge Studio (i.g. Obscenity) together with Rock´n´Roll-Chief Jörg Uken. “Erase the scum“ is availuable for lousy eight Euro including stamps and package. And best of all: in the booklet you´ll find a supreme foto-collage with a lot of beer and tits instead of boring songtexts… Just another reason to get it!

The facts: Gorezone come from Oldenburg in northern Germany. The band was founded in late 1995. What followed: line-up-changes and the usual problems. Two demos: „Carry the twin“ (MCD) 1997 (death metal, raw, primitive) and „Eat the world alive“ (Tape) 1999 (death too, not as primitive as the former one, but 100% in your face). Both demos are still availuable and can be ordered each for 4EUR or together with the new record for 14EUR. Some local livegigs so far. Since the beginning of the year some gigs a bit more far out. For example in Swiss, in the Netherlands, in Bonn and in Berlin. Gorezone are always heading forwards to play more gigs. Gorezone rock!
Torsten Nieland: bass -up
Torben Waleczek: vocals
Sebastian Bösche: drums
Markus Krügel: guitar
Thilo Neidhöfer: guitar

official Website: http://www.gore-zone.de

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