Gorath [BlackMetal]

Somewhere in ’95 or ’96 I couldn’t put all my musical needs into the Gothenburg orientated death metal band the Quiescent. Therefor I created Gorath, a black metal project by the likes of Satyricon, Taake, Ulver, Fleurety, Enslaved, Opeth, Emperor, Darkthrone, Immortal and the list goes on. In ’96 I recorded a tape, [A winter slavery], but due to the most crappy recordings it never saw the light of day. During the winter of ’02 four new songs were recorded with better equipment and it resulted in [Haunting the December chords]. The same year those songs were released as a split album with the Italian TOD. During the fall of 03 [The blueprints for revolution] is recorded as a split with Theudho. The revolution will start at 01.01.04.

No live performances are planned up to date, however…

F. Dupont

official Website: http://gorath.blackmetal.be

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