Circle Of Dead Children – Human harvest

Circle of Dead Children (CODC) is an american band, and ‚Human Harvest‘ is their 3rd CD (if I’m not mistaken). If you don’t like brutal death/grind you can as well stop reading for this disc is BRUTAL! The singer sounds like he is singing with his head in a bucket full of shit (grind fans know I mean this positive ;-), the drummer reaches insane speeds sometimes, and the bass player… well there ain’t a bass player, but in the intense fury of the razor guitars you almost can’t hear it. However, this CD also has some calmer parts, and this is okay, because if these guys start to blast after a calm part, the impact is doubled! This disc has a running time of roughly 35 minutes, and they pump 19 songs in this relatively short playtime. The average song is shorter than a minute :-) and there is also a hidden track (so there are actually 20 songs). A band they have comparisons with is ‚Sublime Cadaveric Decomposion‘.

I can’t really make a lot out of the lyrics, but they are not as violent as many other grind bands. This band has something to say, and this sets them apart from other bands in the genre. There is also a short foreword in the booklet, proving this. Their website ( is also quite personally, and this proves to me they stand with both feed on the ground, and that is what I like in a band. My favorite songs on this album are ‚Salt Rock Eyes‘, ‚Oak and Iron‘ and ‚A Family Tree to Hang From‘, but almost all songs are great (‚Mother Pig‘ sucks…)

I sure do hope that the 3 guys from CODC will come to the Netherlands soon, because I sure would LOVE to hear these guys live! The score?

8/10 Points – reviewed by Bloodreaver

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